Places To Visit On The Way To Delhi To Uttarakhand Road Trip

Places To Visit On The Way To Delhi To Uttarakhand Road Trip
  • 5 to 10 Days is Enough
  • A Joy Ride Road Trips with Exquisite Places from Delhi to Uttarakhand

A Joy Ride with Exquisite Places from Delhi to Uttarakhand

A road trip is indeed one of the best ways to rejuvenate your mind. The exuberant energy of your fellas celebrating with good music on a road trip is a true pleasure. However, a road trip is not only about enjoying the ride. Then what? It is about exploring the tapestry of nature.

One such beautiful road trip is from Delhi to Uttarakhand. It is the best way to wave off work blues and to start a journey with picturesque rugged places. From scenic places to the best food joints, you will find all options to joyously celebrate your journey. We have jotted down some of the best places to visit on a road trip from Delhi to Uttarakhand. Check out these places to relish your road trip!


Pre-eminent places to visit on a road trip from Delhi to Uttarakhand


  • Hastinapur: Encounter the hidden time capsule

Hastinapur is a prominent place in the Indian history of Mahabharata. Situated in Meerut, the place has many folklore stories to explore. The mere look of the town is very pleasant. It will take you back to the time of Mahabharata, where Pandavas ruled the city for 36 years.

The geographical location, scenic settings, and the existence of Mythological stories will keep the travelers enticed. You can also visit famous and ancient temples on your way. The ancient shrine reflects the age-old culture and tradition of the city. Be it a car or bike trip from Delhi to Uttarakhand- explore Hastinapur on your way. You will be mesmerized to encounter the hidden time capsule.


  • “Digambar Jain Mandir”- Feel the divinity

The temple holds huge significance amongst Jains. “Digambar Jain Mandir” has an eye-catching structure with excellent artwork. The divine temple is located in the Meerut District.

There is also a belief saying that this temple has been constructed by the supreme God. Thousands of devotees visit this temple every year to seek blessings. Inside the marvelous temple, you will find the idol of Lord Mahaveer Swami in the Padmasana position. Moreover, you will find many other temples in the shrine complex. So, if you love history and ancient structures, a visit to “Digambar Jain Mandir” is a must. There is also a popular belief that prayers in this shrine are never left unanswered.


  • Muzaffarnagar: Taste the sweetness of Litchi

Muzaffarnagar is popular for its Litchi Gardens and famous museums and temples. However, depending on the season you are travelling, you get to taste the Shahee Litchis.

Apart from Litchis, Muzaffarnagar is also popular for “Magahi paan” and “Jardalu mangoes”. So, if you are travelling from Delhi to Uttarakhand by car, then pass through Muzaffarnagar and taste the specialty here. Some of the popular tourist destinations in Muzaffarnagar are “Baba Garib Nath Mandir”, “Ramchandra Shahi Museum”, “Jubba Sahni Park” and Litchi Gardens.


  • Satpuli: Experience the serene ecstasy flowing through your body

Satpuli is a serene and low-key hill station. You can encounter this place on your best route to visit Uttarakhand. The numero uno reason to visit Satpuli is to refresh your mind.

The cool breeze, pleasant climate and rich vegetation will flutter your heart. It is also the place where ancient sages meditated in the past “ Vedic Period”.  So, take a stop at Satpuli and imbibe the positive vibe.

So, these are among the splendid places to visit on a road trip from Delhi to Uttarakhand. Plan a road trip with this handy guide and dial down your stress level. You can stop at “JhilMil Dhaba”, “Gupta Ji Ki Kutiya” and “Monti Millions” to enjoy lip-smacking dishes.

 So, get your engines ready and enjoy the ride!

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