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Car Hire on Lease
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Car Hire on Lease

Many people confuse Car leasing with Car Hiring or vice versa though there is a difference in both the terms, but both are used interchangeably as well. Car Hire on Lease is nothing but the process through which an individual or group of people or a company or corporate uses a vehicle or car for a restimulated, pre-decided and predetermined period for the exchange of certain predefined rental or lease payment to the owner or the facilitating agency.

The Car on Lease offers that the user does not have to own the vehicle to use it or spend lakhs of Rupees to own it to use the same. On the completion of the term of usage the vehicle is returned to the lessor or the original owner or facilitating agency. Few people find buying a Car quite expensive or the person is there in some City for a specific period on deputation or short period then leasing the Car is the best idea. The user has to pay only for the period that the vehicle is used, headaches like maintenance and depreciation, etc. are not involved.


Car Lease Terms And Conditions

Before agreeing to the Terms of Car Leasing one must understand or be thorough with the terms and conditions laid down by the lessor (owner of the vehicle) or process.

In India, Leasing works differently as per the Law of the Land

  • On Leasing a Car, one can drive or use the vehicle for a certain period without owning the same as per the Contractor Agreement.
  • The Regular uninterrupted payments of Rental or Lease of the Vehicle has to be done as per the schedule specified in the Contract.
  • On completion of the leasing period, the owner may as per consensual agreement may allow the end-user to buy the car as per the prevailing price in the market.
  • Certain Car Renting or Leasing Companies offer Stipulated Plans all costs of maintenance and accessories are usually included in the Lease.
  • One does not have to pay for Insurance and other Taxes other than the Lease Amount itself.
  • No down payment is required to be made while leasing a Car.
  • The lease duration or term can be as short as a fortnight to five years as per the leasing contract or plan.


Car on Lease Benefits: - Features

  • Saving on Maintenance Cost and Headache: - it costs a fortune and a hell of a lot of headaches to maintain a car by its owner. On Leasing a Vehicle, it is the responsibility of the owner to maintain the vehicle and the user does not have to pay for it other than the routine rental or lease plan.
  •  Payment As Per The Usage Only: - Car leasing agreement or plan as per the model of pay as per the usage only i.e., period/duration or the Kms. On completion of the usage period, the vehicle can either be extended as per mutual consent of the user and owner else the vehicle can be surrendered to the owner, and lease rental ends.
  • Zero Down Payment: - The best part with Car Leasing or Renting it the user does not have to pay even a single penny for the Down payment.
  • Value for Money: - the user gets to drive a brand new or well-maintained vehicle without the hassles of maintaining issues. The user enjoys the value for money for the vehicle without compromising on quality.
  • Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Affordable Deal: - One can drive his or her favorite car without actually worrying about the cost of owning an affordable rental without going through any Hassel and stress.
  • Advantage of Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: - The rental or lease amount includes the Comprehensive Insurance against all kinds of repairs, accidents, thefts, etc. which provides peace of mind to the user.
  • Tax Waiver Benefit: - The amount of Rental or Lease paid to get a Tax waiver by the government as well and can provide benefits of up to 30%.


Car Lease Service For Corporates

There are numbers of options available from the Car Lease Service providers for Corporates, they extend their services across all major cities and towns including Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and all metropolitan cities. The car can be leased on as low as Rs. 9,000/Month for 3-4 years or in case someone wants to lease for a shorter period, it can cost more accordingly. The Car Lease Service for Corporates does not involve many hassles, it is just like finding the right dealer and vehicle as per your needs like price, mileage or Fuel Cost, Affordability of the Lease, Safety Features of the Car etc. the dealer offers the options available, check the terms and conditions, decide the tenure for vehicle lease etc. and you are done.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is Suv Car Available for Long Term Lease in India?

A1. Yes, SUV Cars available here in India to rent as a lease for long term rental with driver.

Q2. How much does it cost to hire a car in New Delhi?

A2. Normally Car rent starts from 1500/- INR Per Day. But if you go at once to hire car for monthly basis then it will be more cheaper.

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