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What to check when renting a car

What to check when renting a car

What to check when renting a car

Renting a car for a vacation enables the excitement to seamlessly flow to your road trip. You can avoid spending money on taxis or having to rely on public transportation on your next vacation. It keeps you from being relying upon the schedule or unpredictable schedule of public transportation.

Whether you have rented cars before or you are new to the process, there are a few things you should know about car rental. Accepting a car rental will be a great experience with no surprises with the following car rental tips.

Here are some of the best tips for renting a car for a road trip:

  • Must check a car thoroughly for any damages 

You have to take a walk around the car and also look inside for any damages. You do not need to take up the responsibility for the last person’s careless driving. It just takes a few minutes to check the car for damages.

If there is any scratch, you can tell the car rentals company to make a note of it on their paperwork. You can also click a few pictures on your smartphone to have evidence. It assists you when you are returning the car and if your rental company is charging for the damage.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Rental vehicle

All cars are different. You need to take some time to adjust the seat and mirrors according to your comfortability before driving.

You need to check about the car functions such as Air Conditioning, lights, windshield wipers, and handbrake are placed. When you have familiarized yourself with the vehicle you are ready to go.

  • Ask each detail about the car

One of the best car rental tips that you should know about renting a car’s mileage, oil levels, age of the vehicle, petrol, or diesel vehicle, availability of road support, and much more. You should ask about a car that you are going to rent and acquire all the necessary details.

You should also refer to the checklist of what to check when renting a car before driving. You can also ask about the required car rental documents for booking the car and the details in the rental car inspection checklist.

  • Check for the Fuel levels

Most car rentals companies rent a car with a tank full of fuel. However, while collecting the keys, you need to ensure whether it is on a full tank. 

Some companies provide with or without fuel packages and some include the fuel price in rental charges. Whatever be the package you are using, it is better to check by yourself the fuel levels to avoid any difficulty while returning the vehicle.

  • Before signing the documents must read the contract thoroughly

One of the most important tips for renting a car for a road trip is that you need to study the terms and conditions & also analyze their tariffs then select the car. Some companies rent self-drive car rentals by limiting the kilometers according to the number of days you are renting.

Few companies may ask for caution or security deposit whereas some have hidden charges. It all differs according to the car renting company that you choose. You should look for kilometer limit, cancellation policy, fuel charges, caution deposit, types of payment accepted, process while returning and fees for the delay. You can also check for refunds and discounts.

  • Return the car in time

Sometimes, car rental companies have a very tight schedule, especially during the high season in summer. It is necessary to return the rental car on the agreed time as delay charges add up fast. They might cost you a full rental day plus extras if you have not informed the company.

  • Have your papers ready

When you rent a car, they might ask you for a copy of the necessary documents such as a Driving License, Aadhar Card, and Passport. Some companies offer the facility to upload scanned documents online to their website.

You need to ensure that the documents are clear and readable while uploading online. You need to be ready with the documents so that there is not any last-minute complication. You also need to cross-check the rental car inspection checklist before renting a car for a road trip.

Select the car rental company that gives you the maximum value and enables you to enjoy the trips without any hassle. A trusted provider i.e Japji travels has built a strong reputation with a combination of affordability, variety, feasibility, convenience, and security that can leave you hassle-free car renting.

Now you have acquired a clear understanding of what to check when renting a car. Self-drive is the best way to hire a car. It’s time to collect the keys by submitting the car rental documents and have the best road trip!!

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How To Find Best Car Rental Services in India?

A1. Several Things you can confirm before booking your rental car like Company Online Reviews, office locations, verify phone numbers & email ID and very important is Pay Booking Amount in Company Bank Account only and Get Confirmation.

Q2. What should I check before renting a car?

A2. You can check the Following things before renting a car
1. Make sure you have your paperwork is completed
2. Driver and Vehicle Should Have valid documents
3. Confirm from company Car Registration Number and Driver Number

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