How Much Does It cost to Rent a Car in India?

How Much Does It cost to Rent a Car in India?
  • How Much Does It cost to Rent a Car in India - With Driver

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Car in India?

Rental rides are a very convenient option to commute anywhere in India. They provide a breeze of relaxation, especially if you are traveling in metropolitan cities like Delhi, where you have to encounter frequent traffic jams for long hours. If you are worried about how to rent a car in India with a driver, stay rest assured. You can conveniently book a compact rental sedan like Dzire, Ertiga, or Innova with a driver according to your travel requirements. 

These rental cars have luxurious interiors, next-gen design, and superseding technology to provide the most comfortable ride. The booking process is extremely straightforward, with no hidden charges involved. However, people are often skeptical about the rental fares for cars on hire. On the contrary, you may find them very economical and convenient at the same time.


Average Rental Charges for A Hired Ride in India

Whether you need a rental ride for a daily commute or want to book a comfortable sedan for long-distance travel, you can always find a suitable car with a driver to make your journey worthwhile. Still thinking about budget plans and how much does it cost to rent a car in India? Think no further because renting a car is extremely budget-friendly and cost-effective. 

The rental charges usually vary according to the type of car, distance traveled, and booking duration. For example, you can conveniently book a Totota Innova Crysta for Rs 15 per Km. However, the rental charges for Swift Dzire and Suzuki Ertiga are Rs 12 per Km. You can also book the cars with a driver. In that case, the bookings will include minimal driver charges of Rs 300 per day.

Dzire is a budget-friendly sedan ideal for short family tours or business travel. You can also rent a Dzire for a daily commute or occasional business meetings. It provides a smooth ride on crowded and bumpy Indian routes.

Do you need a cheaper rental ride for group travel? Book an Ertiga for a city ride or inter-state travel! It is a low-priced SUV on rent, ideal for family holidays or short outstation trips with your colleagues. The car has ample boot space and a sizeable luggage carrier for a comfortable long journey.

Innova is another comfy yet stylish sedan for group travel with friends, family, and workmates. It is a luxurious car with a driver having a slick interior, spacious seating, and a secure luggage carrier. Rental cars in India are driven by professional, fully-verified, well-trained chauffeurs. The drivers are appointed after thorough background checks to guarantee customer safety. Most of the chauffeurs are well-versed with the routes of the city. They can quickly take you to a destined location in no time. 


How to Rent a Car in India With Driver?

The procedure to rent a car in India with a driver is effortless and uncomplicated. If you need a rental ride for a trip to anywhere in India, you can contact reputable rental service providers like Japji Travel. They manage all your concerns related to rental car bookings, drivers, holiday packages, and local sightseeing.

Explore new places in India with reliable chauffeurs and comfortable rental rides. Book a car with a driver for an outstation family trip, group tour, or commercial travel. Your rental service providers arrange for a point-to-point pick and drop service from home, office, or airport. Some also provide a quick visit to nearby locations en route for minimal additional charges. 

You can easily book a rental car with a driver for an outstation journey or local sightseeing. Rental service providers offer various tour packages at the most affordable prices. You can also get one customized according to your travel plans. They provide a comprehensive platform for quick bookings anytime, anywhere. You can select from multiple rental plans and flexible tour packages. 

If you are a regular traveler with rental rides, you can also seek exclusive, cost-effective booking packages. The tour packages do not include any hidden charges. Booking charges are inclusive of all transport provisioning. For any confusion regarding bookings, rental fares, or tour packages, you can contact the 24x7 customer care support team of rental service providers. 

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