Delhi to Jakhoo Temple tour with hire Innova car

Delhi to Jakhoo Temple tour with hire Innova car

An ancient Hanuman temple, Jakhoo Temple gives a mysterious atmosphere to those who worship the "Pawan Putra" and is tucked away among the colourful splendour of the Shivalik hill ranges. The largest statue of God Hanuman is one of Shimla's most well-known tourist attractions, drawing tourists of all ages in addition to members of the Hindu faith.

The Jakhoo Temple's surrounds, which include stunning views of the nearby town of Sanjauli, add to the already stunning scene. It is a fantastic location to take in the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets as well as a thrilling drive for trekkers. Aside than that, nature lovers will adore the luxuriant green, twisting roads. This sightseeing tour of Delhi to Shimla is easily the best way to cover the Jakhoo Temple. Indulge in a Shimla tour to marvel at the various prominent tourist spots and have a fun day.

You will see sights like on this journey

  1. Jakhoo Hill,
  2. Rothney Castle,
  3. The Ridge,
  4. The Mall,
  5. Lakkar Bazaar,
  6. Mountain Goat Expeditions,
  7. Christ Church,
  8. Monument Rani Jhansi,
  9. Johnnie's Wax Museum

How to Get There

The distance between Delhi and Shimla is approximately (342.2 km) A car trip from Delhi to Shimla takes approximately 7-8 hours. You can hire Innova car to get there.

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