Top Car Rental Agencies in India

Top Car Rental Agencies in India
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  • India's Top Car Rental Agencies Providing Car Hire Services to The Customers

Top Car Rental Agencies in India

India is a big country where a car is often the most convenient mode of transport between cities. When you take a car, you don’t have to wait for public transport and wait for a bus to show up. Tourists can always hire a car on a rental basis to cover long distances or reach their hotels from the airport. They can take the services of a car rental agency for this purpose. A car rental agency provides cars with drivers or a self-driven car on a hire basis. A traveler can reach a destination in the comfort and security of a car. So here are some top car rental agencies in India.

India Popular Car Rental List

Japji Travel

Are you looking for a Leisure Tour OR Corporate Car Rent Query? Japji travel car rental agency offers both services to the customers from Delhi & Chandigarh locations. Agency has a Fleet of Rental cars seating from 4,6,9,12  to 21 seat vehicles. You can Book a Rental car from here for our India travel plan. All the plans and Car rental tariffs are listed on the Company website.

Hertz Car Rental

If you want to rent a car for business purposes or vacation in India, you can book a car from Hertz car rental. You can hire self-drive cars as well as chauffeur-driven cars from Hertz. They have all the latest car models with them such as Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Scorpio, Suzuki Swift, etc. You can book a car from any city of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, etc. You can book a car from Hertz through their app or by going online on their website. Customers can expect the best seating and safety features in these cars like GPS, Wi-Fi, luggage capacity, etc.

Avis Car Rental

You can rent a chauffeur-driven car and also a self-drive car from Avis. Avis is a very trusted car rental company in India. You can rent a car from Avis at any time of the day. The service center runs 24 hours and guides you with car booking. You can choose from a wide range of cars like sedans, SUVs, MUV, Hatchback, etc. All of their cars have GPS facilities and Wi-Fi. Avis car rental offers cars on hire across many cities of India like Chennai, Agra, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Kochi, etc. You can choose from many plans and hire a car on an hourly to monthly basis.

Zoom Car Rental

Zoomcar is a very famous car rental agency in India. You can book a self-drive car from Zoomcar. You can rent any car like Hyundai, Maruti, Mercedes, Ford, Mahindra. All of their cars are clean and sanitized. The main benefit of hiring a car from Zoomcar is that it gives you privacy, safety, freedom. You can even hire a car for an hour, a week, or a month. You can hire a car from any city of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, etc. Recently, Zoomcar has added more cities to its list. Zoomcar offers a mobile application for iPhone and Android users. All cars have an All India Permit so that you can drive anywhere in India.

Myles Car Rental

Myles offers self-drive cars on rent for its users. You can rent a car from across 21 cities in India. You will find over 20 types of cars like SUVs, MUV, Sedans, Hatchbacks, Luxury, etc. Myles offers cars on a hire basis according to various needs of buyers. You can rent a car for 2 hours and also for 2 months. You can explore any destination of India in the comfort of a self-drive car hire from Myles. Myles offers attractive discounts and deals on its car bookings. It offers contactless services on the doorstep. You can choose Myles car rental if you want to reach your destination in comfort and safety.

Revv Car Rental

Revv is a very famous car rental company in India that offers its cars for rent. You can rent from a wide range of car models like Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Mahindra, Toyota, etc. You can book a car from almost any city in India. You can book a car for both, business purposes and also for sightseeing and touring. All cars have an All India Permit and are fully sanitized. You will find many exciting rates to choose from. You can also book a car for some hours or even a month. Cars are delivered to the doorstep of customers. Contactless delivery is very convenient for customers.


You can book a car from any of the car rental agencies given above if you want to tour India. We have given this list after long research and study. But while you want to book a car, you should consider your budget and the duration for which you want to book a car. If you can drive the car yourself and have the required driving license, then you can go and book a self-drive car. Else, you can always book a car that comes with a driver. While you are enjoying the natural views and scenery from the car, you can also feel very comfortable. After all, driving by car is the best way to see India.

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