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Patiala is a city in the Indian State of Punjab. It was the Capital City of the erstwhile Princely State of Patiala in the British Dominion of India. The city is approximately 250 kilometers from Delhi in South Eastern Punjab. Patiala City is also the headquarters of the district of the same name. Patiala is part of the Malwa Region of Punjab.

Patiala is immortalized by the famous Patiala Peg, a size of alcohol serving in quantity much larger than anywhere in the world. Apart from the Peg, Patiala is also famous for Pagri (The Traditional Punjabi Turban), Paranda (Traditional Punjabi Hair dressing tag for women), and Jutti (The Punjabi Traditional Footwear). This essentially tells the story of the Patiala lifestyle that significantly influences the lifestyle of Malwa Region and the whole of Punjab today.

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