Delhi to Jaipur tour with hire Innova car

Delhi to Jaipur tour with hire Innova car

If you are visiting India for a tour or on vacation, you must visit the Jaipur tourist attraction. Jaipur is known as the pink city because of the blushing tone of its antique buildings and monuments. This place is loaded with cultural splendour, legacy, and architectural wonders. With its numerous recognised sights in Jaipur, it is also the prime stop in India. This sightseeing tour of Delhi to Jaipur is easily the best way to cover the Hawa Mahal. Indulge in a Jaipur City tour to marvel at the various prominent tourist spots and have a fun day.

You will see sights like on this journey

1 City Palace

2 Puno  

3 Hawa Mahal

4 Albert Hall Museum

5 Amber Fort

6 Birla Mandir

7 Galta Ji

8 Nahargarh Fort

9 Amrapali Museum

10 Jal Mahal

How to Get There

The distance between Delhi and Jaipur is approximately  (306.7 km) A car trip from Delhi to Jaipur takes approximately 5 hr 6 min You can hire Innova car to get there.'

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  3. There are no problems with driving or using the bus.
  4. Driver who is well-informed and careful


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